Tuesday, August 12, 2008


April 12, 2007
Sto. Rosario, Munoz, Nueva Ecija

Raul Gamboa is a long lost friend. I considered him as a sincere friend way back in the 1980's when GREENSEEKERS, our basketball team was the No. 1 in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.

He was the youngest among my friends you say bye bye kalas Saudi Arabia. His family owns a big farmland in Sto. Rosario, Munoz, Nueva Ecija.

I was amazed with his transformation as a veteran farmer because he knows every angle of farming especially in Nueva Ecija.

He agreed to model a part of his farm to see the effect on his crops. The spraying was not monitored closely due to the tightness of his schedule and also ours which did not coincide our timing.

The yield is not quite satisfactory so both of us decided to model one hectare comes next season.

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